Hawaii Association of Independent Schools


HAIS provides services and benefits to more than 90 member schools on Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu that collectively educate 36,700+ students PK through 12th grade. HAIS operates with the vision of helping prepare all students for the challenges of life and social responsibility. To that end, HAIS creates opportunities - including programs, professional development and conferences - that all educators are able to access. 


HAIS works hard to :

1) Perpetuating school renewal through accreditation and/or licensing of its member schools

2) Developing and delivering professional development opportunities relevant to 21st Century learning for the faculty and staff of its member schools

3) Promoting choice as an important community value and assisting parents in learning about independent education

4) Preserving independence by monitoring the federal, state and county levels of government, thus allowing member schools to pursue their missions unencumbered by undue regulations.


HAIS is committed to helping advance and guide education practices in the state of Hawai'i. One way that we are able to identify school needs is through the comprehensive HAIS accreditation process, by which we are able to analyze and respond to the needs of our schools. Feedback provided by both membership and other educational institutions also serve as a mechanism to guide our practices. HAIS facilitates monthly meetings of the organization’s board of directors and arranges regular gatherings of more than a dozen “constituency groups." HAIS also conducts annual surveys of enrollment, tuition levels, and compensation levels.


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