Hawaii Association of Independent Schools


Transforming your passion into practice.

HAIS offers and array of conferences, workshops, seminars, institues, and a Master’s in Private School Leadership Degree Program, all aimed at moving beyond 21st century learning. Such opportunities are aimed at:
  • Advancing knowledge, skills, credentials, and career.
  • Staying relevant and current on trends and research in education.
  • Learning innovative tools to energize your school and practice.
  • Enhancing teaching and leadership skills.
  • Inspiring peers and students to embrace teaching and learning as a lifelong adventure.
  • Influencing students' lives for the better.
  • Connecting with a network of educators.
HAIS’s resources and events provide opportunities to advance your knowledge, skills, credentials, and career by providing access to industry thought leaders and innovators. We also strive to provide opportunities for interactive, peer-to-peer learning, while offering diverse perspectives on today’s best practices in independent school education and leadership.
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