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Employee Sharing Matching Service

What It Is

Schools often just need a part-time faculty or staff member; but most employees would prefer to have a full-time position with benefits rather than multiple part-time positions that do not include benefits. The HAIS Employee Sharing Matching Service will attempt to match two schools with similar part-time employee needs in the hope of creating a full-time position that is shared between them.

How It Works

The school completes the Matching Service Form with information about the part-time position that is available and that it would be willing to share with another school. The school may also wish to post the part-time position to the HAIS Job Board, since some persons are looking for just part-time employment.

HAIS will track all of the posted part-time positions on a spreadsheet and, when two similar posts are identified, HAIS will notify the contact persons at the two schools of a possible match. The two schools will then contact each other to discuss the various issues involved – job description, desired schedule, desired compensation, dates of employment, etc. – to see if it is possible that a single employee could fill the two part-time positions.

If a potential match is found, HAIS will work with Altres to advertise the position. Potential candidates, if found, will be interviewed by the two schools; and, if a suitable candidate is identified, Altres will employ that person full-time and invoice each school monthly for its respective share of the employee’s time.

School Matching Service Form

Matching Service Form

Current Matching Sought

School Name & Positions 
  • Hanahau'oli School, School Counselor
  • Pacific Buddhist Academy, Hawaiian Language and Cultural Practice Teacher 
  • St. Andrews - The Priory, Upper School Math: Algebra & AP Calculus
  • Malamalama Waldorf School, Japanese Language
  • Malamalama Waldorf School, Handwork
  • Hongwanji Mission School, School Counselor 
Please contact Megan Polak for more information on these positions and to be connected with the school. 
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