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Transportation Guidelines

Pursuant to HRS 286-181, schools are required to adhere to the following guidelines when using a non-school approved vehicle for the purpose of transporting students. The Transportation Exemption Form must be completed and approved prior to the use of a non-school vehicle, with copies of each form request retained for the school’s files and provided to the requestor.
Note: HAIS does not need to receive a copy of completed forms.

Use of Non-School Approved Vehicles Implementation Guidelines & Procedures

Requests for the use of non-school-approved vehicles are limited to the three (3) criteria developed by the Department of Transportation. Exemption requests shall be granted only if school-approved vehicles cannot meet the transportation needs of the schools and offices and if the requests meet the established criteria.
Exemptions shall be granted in accordance with the following criteria:
Criteria 1: School vehicles are not available to meet the needs of the activity.
• Approved vehicles are not to conduct the activity.
• The activity should dictate the particular vehicular needs such as: the need for a vehicle to reach a difficult destination, i.e., Tantalus, Haleakala, Waimea Canyon, etc. 
Criteria 2: It is more economical because of cost and the limited funds available.
Criteria 3: The length and time of the activity requires the use of the vehicle before, during, and after school and/or evenings.

1. Schools are expected to contact contractors who have school-approved vehicles to provide the necessary transportation services.

2. Exemptions requests shall be considered only after attempts to provide approved vehicles have been initiated. Exemptions requests should not be used to purposely avoid the use of school-approved vehicles.

3. Requests shall be reviewed and approved by the school principal or an approving authority.

4. An exemption shall be granted only if the request meets at least (1) of the three criteria.

5. All original applications must be kept on file at the school with a copy issued to the requestor.

6. A copy of the exemption form shall be provided to the driver(s) of the vehicle(s) during the transportation period.

7. Member schools granting exemptions shall insure that all students obtain parental or legal guardian written statements waiving school and HAIS’ liability.

Transportation Exemption Form

Download Transportation Exemption Form
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