Hawaii Association of Independent Schools

HAIS Workshop Suggestions and Proposals

As an organization, we strive to support member schools by developing and offering professional learning opportunities, which include workshops  for school administrators, teachers, and school leadership. In working towards this goal, we rely on the input of educators in the field to help inform practice and programs.

Workshop Topic and Speaker Suggestions

We are always considering new and relevant topics and speakers.  If you have an idea for a workshop topic or speaker, please let us know by filling out the Workshop Suggestion Form

Workshop Proposal Form

Do you have an idea for a Professional Development Workshop  that would be benefit the greater HAIS education community? If you would like to be considered as a presenter, please complete the HAIS Proposal Form.
Tips for effective workshops:

All workshops should:

  • have clearly articulated goals and objectives related to classroom / school implementation.
  • engage participants throughout its duration
Effective Workshops are participant-centered. When developing your workshop, consider the following components:
  • Interactivity – participants should be engaged and not passive.
  • Time for reflection during the workshop.
  • Time for each participant to develop an action plan. Make sure there are take-aways.
  • Collaborative work time among participants.
  • Provide sufficient time for questions and answers.
  • Request feedback from the participants.
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