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Applying to Private Schools and the Standard Application Online (SAO)

Thinking about Private School for your Child?

Finding the right school for your child and getting him or her enrolled can take up to a full  year. Be sure to plan accordingly and be aware of each school's deadlines and requirements. Below is a timeline that provides a basic overview about what to expect throughout the application process. To view an article about applying to private schools in Hawai'i, please visit the Private School Guide

The Standard Application Online (SAO)

What is the SAO?

The Standard Application Online (SAO) is a secure, user-friendly online common application for PK-12 independent schools. Using the SAO, you can complete one application with one set of transcripts and recommendations, then use it to apply to as many participating schools as you wish.

Why use the SAO?

Apply to Multiple HAIS Schools with One Application
1. Look for the HAIS Standard Application Online (SAO) logo on the application page of the schools to which you are applying
2. Enter your biographic information, essays, transcripts, and recommendations just once
3. Track, manage, submit and pay for your applications through the online system
4. Upload multimedia files, links to videos, and more
5. Easily share your SSAT or Character Skills Snapshot results through the SAO

Getting Started with SAO:

1. Click on “Get Started with the SAO” and create a profile (located on the top of this webpage).

2. Once you have completed your profile, click “Apply to Schools.”

3. Use a Find a School function to add a school to start your school specific application.

4. Want to add more schools? Simply search for another school and add that school!

The Application Process Timeline

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