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Spring 2020 Learning Walks

The goal of the Learning Walks is to improve practice through observation and reflection, while building collaboration among colleagues from HAIS member schools. Participants will spend a day at a host school, observing student learning, teaching and learning strategies, and learning environments. This experience is also intended to give participants the opportunity to reflect on their own practice.

Mid-Pacific Institute: February 18th

Mid-Pacific Institute: April 15

Attend a Learning Walk

Cost: $30 per person (light breakfast and lunch included) 
Registration is now open!  

2019-2020 Learning Journeys

Makespace Learning Journey

The goal of HAIS Learning Journeys is to improve practice through observation and reflection, while building collaboration among colleagues from HAIS member schools. Over the course of several months, participants will have the opportunity to visit makerspaces at many different schools, observing how they are being utilized and learning about how they are being integrated into student learning, in different settings. The experience is intended to give participants the opportunity to reflect on how their school’s makerspaces are being used, while connecting with other like-minded individuals.
Participants will be expected to participate in all aspects of the journey, which will include a kick-off meeting, 4-5 site visits and then a final culminating debrief meeting. Knowing that everyone has incredibly busy schedules, time will be used judiciously.
Group Size: Limited to 15 Participants 
Fee: $150 per person (total fee for participation)
Schedule & Time Commitment 
September - Initial Meeting – Virtual convening of participants
The initial meeting will be scheduled in September via Zoom, and will most likely take place in the late afternoon, after the school day has ended. This meeting will take about an hour will aim to accomplish the following:
• Introductions – getting to know the cohort of individuals embarking on the maker space journey over the next several months.
• Discussion of hopes and expectations of what each participant would like to take-away from the experience.
• Co-creation of a framework for the journey – discussion about how to get the most out of each site visit. What should happen during each visit to ensure that they are of value?
• Review of the schedule of site visits

October to March - 4-5 Site Visits
School visits will ideally occur either at the start of the school day or at the end. The goal is to observe the space while it is in use, while being mindful of the challenge of being away from one’s own school. During the site visits, participants will be asked to make non-evaluative observations, avoiding qualitative judgments about what they see. Participants will be provided with a protocol for note-taking, which will include prompts for observation.

Each site visit will follow the following format:
• 15 minutes - introduction/background by the host
• 45 minutes - 1 hour of observing the space in action
• 30 minutes – debrief and sharing of observations
• Total time at each site will be approximately 1 1/2 hours

April - Culminating Meeting
In-person convening, to reflect on the experience and share key takeaways. This meeting will be held on a late afternoon and will last approximately 2 hours. Food and beverage will be provided.

Interested in Hosting a Learning Journey?

We are looking for 4-5 schools of all sizes to host a Makerspace Learning Journey.
Does your school currently have a Makerspace?
Are you interested in joining us on a Makerspace Learning Journey?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions we encourage you to sign up and host a learning journey!

Interested in Attending a Learning Journey?

Registration is now opened and is open to 15 participants max.
Once we have identified the host schools and dates, more information will be shared!  

Past Learning Walks

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