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Cyber Safety Leadership Summit for Independent Schools
Date / Time
July 16 - 17, 2020
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If you are an ATLIS Member please select the HAIS Member School Price of $395
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Cyber Safety Leadership Summit for Independent Schools 
In a world where we can no longer ignore cyber threats, independent schools are no exception. Thought leaders from the independent school community lead this in-depth two-day workshop on cybersecurity and risk management. Participants will review ATLIS recommendations and apply community best practices for securing digital resources. The summit will include time for reflection and planning the necessary work of leading their schools in an implementation roadmap for integrating safe practices for data management and cyber safety. With this essential leadership programming, you will take important steps to protect your school and its most valuable resources from the real dangers that threaten its cyber safety.
Speakers and Facilitators
Speakers will be drawn from experienced practitioners and technology leadership in the ATLIS community. Local speakers may provide case study experience from implementing recommendations after previous ATLIS programming. Other speakers may include other local professionals.
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