Hawaii Association of Independent Schools

Licensing FAQs

What does it mean to be a licensed school?

A licensed school has submitted all the necessary documentation to the Hawaii Council of Private schools for all nine licensing criterion and has been visited by a two-person team to validate and provide recommendations to the Hawaii Council of Private Schools on the licensing status.

Who licenses schools?

Until June 1995 private schools in Hawaii were licensed by the State Department of Education. In 1995 Act 188, which repealed laws that gave the State Department of Education responsibility for licensing private schools, was signed into law by Governor Cayetano, and a Task Force on Private School Governance was established. From this task force came the formation of Hawaii Council of Private Schools who now licenses all private schools in Hawaii pre-school through grade 12 who meet the standards established by the Council.

For more information on what the HCPS license really means please read here:


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