Hawaii Association of Independent Schools

The Hawai'i Council of Private Schools (HCPS)

The Hawai'i Council of Private Schools (HCPS) is the licensing arm of the Hawai'i Association for Independent Schools (HAIS) and is responsible for licensing Hawaiʻi private schools, offering kindergarten through grade 12, as defined in Act 188 of June 15, 1995, ch. 188, 1995 Haw. Sess. Laws 356 (“Act 188”) and ACT 227 of July 2, 2019.  Schools must meet the  standards established by the Council in order to pursue licensing.

The Purpose of HCPS

1. To license Hawaiʻi private schools offering kindergarten through grade 12 and to meet the standards established by the Council, as defined in Act 188 of June 15, 1995, and ACT 227 of July 2, 2019;


2. To carry out the intent of the Hawaiʻi Legislature in enacting Act 188 and ACT 227 and to assist HAIS  by serving as a liaison between private schools in Hawaiʻi and the Hawaiʻi State Legislature—as well as the Hawaiʻi Departments of Education, Health, and Transportation—on issues of private school standards and accountability;


3. To assist private schools licensed by the Council when so requested by such schools by providing documentation of licensure and of the standards that the school has satisfied to obtain such licensure to high schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to which the licensed school seeks admittance for its students; and


4. To transact any other lawful activities as directed by HAIS as its sole member.

The Importance of Licensing

  • Assures that your school meets the legal requirements set in place by the state, including safety for students and staff.
  • Demonstrates to parents and other members of the community that the school has been found safe and healthy by a well-respected and experienced group charged with protecting the public's trust.
  • Connects you to a robust and well-informed network of educators and administrators that shares resources and advocates for the rights of all independent schools
  • Validates the dedicated faculty and staff who work at your school, and affirms your school’s unique mission
  • Qualifies the school to receive a wider array of grants, and is the first step towards accreditation under the aegis of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and HAIS.

First Time Licensing: Non-Accredited Schools

License Renewals: Non-Accredited Schools

Licensing for Accredited Schools

Required Annual Updates For All Licensed Schools

Licensing Fees and Terms:

 Licensing for Non-Accredited Schools 

Fee: $750

Term: 1-3 years (Please Note: you will only be charged the $750 fee 1x every 3 years)
Licensing for Accredited Schools (Not accredited by HAIS)
Fee: $750
Term: The term of licensure will likely align with the term of accreditation 
Licensing for HAIS Accredited Schools   
Fee: Covered under membership 
Term: The term of licensure will likely align with the term of accreditation
Please contact  Kelley Rahn for more information.
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