Hawaii Association of Independent Schools

Accreditation FAQs

What does it mean to be accredited?

An HAIS-accredited school has undergone a voluntary, rich, and rigorous process that includes a thorough self-study process wherein schools analyze and reflect on how well the school continues to live up to its own stated mission and how effectively it meets or exceeds the standards of expectation held for Hawai’i’s accredited independent schools in an effort to focus more keenly on the learning and growth of today’s student in Hawaii. After a school completes their self-study, the school hosts a one to three day visit by a committee of peers who provide the school with major recommendations to address over the next one to six years. Each school who undergoes the HAIS accreditation process also provides HAIS with interim progress reports on the efforts of the school to meet the major recommendations of the visiting committee and the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools who reviews the school and visiting committee documentation and awards the accreditation status to the school.

Who can be on a visiting committee?

HAIS encourages all school staff to be part of a visiting committee at some point in their work with schools. It is some of the most valuable, and low-cost, professional development that exists. If a school is going through their own accreditation process, HAIS encourages self-study coordinators, Heads of School, school administrators and any school personal to be a team member in the year or two prior to their own schools’ process.
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