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Accreditation Trainings

Upcoming Accreditation Trainings

Accreditation and Data: Assessing and Improving the Health of a School: November 8

Accreditation Visiting Committee Training: November 8

About Accreditation Trainings

HAIS holds annual trainings for all aspects of the accreditation process in the Fall and the Spring of each year. These trainings help prepare Heads of Schools, Self Study Coordinators and Visiting Committee members from the beginning of their accreditation process.
Trainings are open to anyone interested in serving on an accreditation team but are highly recommended for those individuals who have not been in a training over the last two years, and for those individuals who are new Heads of Schools and/or who may be taking on the role of Self Study Coordinator for their school's next accreditation visit. 
If your school would like to hold a school-specific accreditation training, please contact  Sophie Halliday.
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