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Job Title:
Secondary School Principal
Job Type:
Full Time
Position Level:
Job Description:

Island Pacific Academy is currently accepting resumes for the Secondary School Principal  for the 2020-2021 school year.

Reporting to the Head of School, the Secondary School Principal serves as the educational leader and chief administrator of the middle and high school, responsible for implementing and managing the policies, regulations, and procedures of Island Pacific Academy to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe child-centered learning environment that meets and exceeds the approved curricula and directives of Island Pacific Academy. Responsible for planning, curriculum development, program evaluation.


  • Serves as the instructional leader and demonstrates authentic leadership skills, capable of making tough decisions and leading a cohesive team. Is present and visible to faculty and staff in and around the school environment.
  • Plans, designs, and conducts follow-through strategies pertaining to curriculum development, and the implementation of instructional programs and activities designed to meet the needs of students and the educational community.
  • Leads school and decision-making process to ensure the development of a comprehensive school improvement plan (Strategic plan) with annual student achievement targets, supported by parents, staff, faculty, and community members.
  • Conducts and maintains school’s performance evaluation information and its systems to ensure that site goals and objectives are achieved, and that all levels of faculty adhere to schoolwide educational standards and goals.
  • Organize, manage, evaluate, and supervise effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the entire school consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the school including instructional programs are in line with the academic standards, extracurricular activities, discipline systems to ensure a safe and orderly climate, financial management, facilities maintenance, program evaluation, personnel management, office operations, emergency procedures, and community relations.
  • Establish the master schedule for instructional programs, ensuring sequential learning experiences for students.
  • Supervise the instructional programs of the school, evaluating lesson plans and observing classes on a regular basis to encourage the use of a variety of instructional strategies and materials consistent with research on learning and child growth and development.
  • Ensure that the instructional programs engage the learner in tasks that require analytical and critical thinking, questioning the known, problem solving and creativity, that they address the range of skills and developmental needs found in the classroom, that they encourage the student to define individual goals and accept responsibility for learning, and that they provide a variety of methods for the student to demonstrate performance and achievement.
  • Serve as a role model for students, demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and demonstrating pride in the education profession.
  • Help to collect and analyze data regarding the needs and achievement of students, including formative and summative assessments, and other pertinent information affecting the design and implementation of services and programs, using the information to recommend new programs and modifications to existing programs.
  • Plans, develops, organizes, and administers support systems which provide optimal educational opportunities for adolescent age students. Is a strong advocate for the school and its students to get things done in a timely manner.
  • Empowers students, faculty, staff and parents to articulate and implement their goals and ideas.
  • Plans, develops, and implements budget planning and expenditure control procedures.
  • Confers, consults with and advises public and private agency personnel and parents concerning student educational and behavior problems and alternative problem solutions.
  • Manages, supervises, observes, and conducts staff professional development and staff training programs which identify and encourage leadership potential.
  • Confers with site instructional support staff in decision making processes, and in the development of alternative approaches to solving educational concerns and issues.
  • Assists the school community in their awareness of the site goals and objectives and the strategies for achieving them.
  • Supervise all secondary personnel assigned to the building, establishing clear expectations of roles, responsibilities, and performance to ensure that all job responsibilities are being met.

Suitably qualified candidates are invited to send a letter of application including a resume with at least three references addressed to cpinard@ipahawaii.org.

Applicant Requirements:


  • Master’s Degree in Educational Administration or related field
  • Minimum 5 years of teaching experience
  • Minimum 2 years administrative experience as a Principal, Assistant/Vice Principal or Office Administrator
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership and organizational skills
  • Ability to lead a diverse group of employees
  • Ability to develop and lead curriculum and instructional programs
  • Strong communication skills
Non-discriminatory Statement:
Apply To:
Mrs. Camille Pinard
(808) 674-3523 ext. 559
School Name:
Island Pacific Academy
Street Address:
909 Haumea Street
Kapolei, HI 96707
Head of School:
Mr. Gerald Teramae
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Membership Status:
Full Member
Day / Boarding:
Day Only
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International Students Accepted:
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Admissions Contact:
Ms. Eileen Novak
Admissions Email:
08/29/2019 11:22 AM 06/30/2022 909 Haumea Street
Kapolei, HI 96707

Island: Oahu - Honolulu
Country: United States
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