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Hawaiʻi Educational Networking Consortium

The Hawaiʻi Educational Networking Consortium (HENC) is a collaborative relationship which was established in December 1993 among the University of Hawaiʻi, the State Department of Education, and the East-West Center.
HENC Funding
HENC receives its funding from a percentage of the franchise fees assessed on all CATV subscriptions in Hawaii. This funding is used to support four major programs, as well as to identify and seek additional resources at federal, state, corporate and foundation levels to support enhanced use of information and telecommunication systems and services in education. The four major programs which HENC supports are: University of Hawai'i,  Hawai'i Department of Education, Hawai'i Association of Independent Schools, Hawai'i Schools Digital Media Grants

Digital Media Grants

For more information on the grants and to apply visit the HENC website and click on the HSDM tab.
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