Hawaii Association of Independent Schools

​HAIS Transcript Request

Transcript Request Forms:
  • Contact Kelley Rahn at HAIS to inquire if your record is available.
  • Fill out the Form once you have received an email confirmation from HAIS that your record is on file.
Transcript Fees:
  • Requests are $10.00 per transcript (processing time is within 5 working days, not including mail delivery time).
Payment Methods:
  • Check payable to HAIS
  • Cash 

Helpful Hints

  • When mailing a request, be sure to include sufficient postal time. An additional 4-5 days each way should be allowed for mail to and from the US mainland.
  • All transcript requests will only be mailed through the US Postal Service. HAIS is not able to send transcripts via FedEx, UPS, etc.
  • Records sent will be an official copy with an embossed seal bearing the word “HAIS.”
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