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Ho'ala School
School Name:
Ho'ala School
Street Address:
1067 A California Avenue
Wahiawa, HI 96786
Head of School:
Mrs. Phyllis Norton
Founding Date:
Religious Affiliation:
Membership Status:
Full Member
Day / Boarding:
Day Only
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten thru 8th
International Students Accepted:
Summer Programs Offered:
Kindergarten Cut Off Date:
Social Media:
Admissions Contact:
Mrs. Darlene Dela Cruz
Admissions Email:
08/27/2019 11:52 AM 06/30/2025 1067 A California Avenue
Wahiawa, HI 96786

Island: Oahu - Honolulu
Country: United States
info@hoalaschool.org School
Mission / Philosophy / Objectives:

Ho`āla School Mission

The mission of Ho`āla School is to provide students with a safe and stimulating environment that encourages the development of mutual respect, sense of belonging and a passion for learning. 

Ho`āla Philosophy/Objectives

Ho`āla Education is a philosophy that uses a coherent system of practices to develop citizens of personal integrity who act effectively for the greater good.  Ho`āla Education is based on the work of Alfred Adler as articulated by Rudolf Dreikurs and others.  Adler held that human behavior is purposive or future oriented, although unconsciously so.  Adler identifies two basic motivations and says that each of us is searching for two things:        

  1. a strong sense (or experience) of significance      
  2. a strong sense (or experience) of belonging

How we achieve this purpose:

School and home partner to create environments where children develop habits of responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, and responsiveness through example and experience, and as a result, flourish as successful, healthy, and contributing human beings.

The 4 Rs

Our core values of the 4 Rs show up in our speaking and in our actions:

*    RESPONSIBILITY – The power of the individual

You lose your power when you blame, lie, make excuses, and justify. You gain power by “owning” the choices you make in attitude and behavior.

*    RESPECT – the balance of power between individuals

Honor your decision-making boundaries and those of others. Respect others by not making decisions for them that are properly theirs; Respect yourself by not allowing others to make decisions that are properly yours.

*    RESOURCEFULNESS – how we will work together

Taking effective action instead of complaining, and focusing on what works. Problem solve!

*    RESPONSIVENESS – for what purpose

Act for the good of the whole.  We are interdependent and interconnected.  Win-win instead of win-lose.

Based on these assumptions and core values, we organize the school so that:

1. Adults model these values in their speaking and actions.  Our students know when we adults don’t “walk the talk”.  The Four Rs elucidated with specific behaviors become our norms to guide our working together; e.g. “If I have a concern or complaint, I will speak to the person who can do something about it, rather than complain to others.”

2. We focus on building relationships and community: between teachers and students through connecting activities, listening groups, and organizing various events through mixed-grade interactions and school wide events to build school connectedness.

3. We empower students’ voices by:
-     Listening to them and taking them seriously
-     Providing opportunities for them to lead in many ways; Student council, Peer tutoring, peer mediation and forming groups of their choosing 
-     Giving them as many choices as appropriate to raise their sense of self

Our philosophy includes these concepts:
•    Human beings are self-determining and are responsible for their own lives and this means even our Kindergarteners have the capacity to be responsible.  
•    Human beings have the power to transform their lives by what they think. If we change our thinking, we change our feelings and our experience of life. [responsibility]
•    The human potential of students is unleashed when their unique sense of self is nurtured.  When they are grounded in who they are, their capacity of compassion and social responsibility are enhanced. [responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, responsiveness]
•    Human beings learn best when they are not afraid of making mistakes which are valuable opportunities to learn. 
•    Each person matters and makes a difference to everyone else.  Each person is interconnected and interdependent.  All life on earth is interconnected and interdependent. [interdependence and responsiveness]
•    By fulfilling the psychological and emotional needs for sense of self and sense of belonging, the capacity for learning and for compassion blossoms.  These needs are fulfilled when students are listened to, taken seriously, and feel needed.
•    Students cannot be safe to be their unique selves unless they support others to be themselves. In certain grade levels, the opinion of peers is critical and when students can value and support others to be themselves, they in turn are supported. [interdependence and responsiveness]
•    Students learn from an intrinsic desire, rather than from extrinsic manipulations and we believe that intrinsic motivation is more effective in student achievement. [responsibility and respect]
•    All human beings are equal in deserving respect, not because of age or role, but simply because they are human beings.  Students should be treated with the same degree of respect by adults as adults would treat another adult. [respect]
•    Respecting another human being means: (1) listening to them, (2) taking them seriously, and (3) honoring choices that are appropriately theirs to make. [respect]
•    When a school is organized around these principles, students will flourish and develop resiliency when meeting challenges and grow academically.

School Fast Facts:

Ho`āla School was founded in 1986 as non-sectarian with no religious affiliation. 

Ho`āla is a Character Education school that focuses on the whole child.  Although academics are important, the social, emotional needs of children are just as significant.

The school partners with families, therefore new parents are required to complete a 5-week workshop where parents are instructed on the Ho`āla philosophy to compliment, support and provide continuity for their child.  We know that when school and parents partner together (on the same page), children are more successful and reach their full potential. 

Summer Programs:

Ho`ala's Keiki Summer School Program welcomes students who have completed Kindergarten through 6th grade.  You do not need to be a current Ho`ala student to attend.  This is an 8-week program beginning June 3  through July 26. (Dates in 2020 TBD. The cost is $200.00 per week with discounts for 4 and 8 weeks.  There are holidays on June 11th and July 4th.  Students may sign up for any week and it does not have to be consecutive weeks to receive the discount.  This is a theme-based program with a different theme each week.  It is an inclusive classroom with all grade levels from K – 6 working on their own grade level. Morning academics are followed by afternoon enrichment activities based on the theme of the week.  Several field trips are planned.



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