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HAIS Constituency Groups and Listservs

When people come together and work toward a common goal, a community is formed. At HAIS, that goal is learning – learning from thought leaders and learning from each other. In 2015-16, HAIS continued to bring together leaders from their respective fields to foster collective action. As part of HAIS's commitment to collaborate, listserv groups have been created to facilitate communication among HAIS member schools. Each of the listservs helps support communication among staff and faculty working in these areas and their colleagues in similar positions at other schools.
How the listservs work:
Any member of a listserv group (i.e., their email is in that group's listserv database) can send an email to that listserv, and every other member of that listserv will receive it and be able to reply either to just the sender or to the entire listserv group. (Please Note: Once you have signed up for a specific liserv you will receive that groups listservs email address.)
Only a member of the list is able to send an email to the list. Also, only persons in relevant positions are able to join a list – that is, only a head of school can become a member of the heads list. A school head or principal, of course, would be able to join any of the lists if he or she wished to keep track of issues being discussed on those lists. We do recognize that in smaller institutions many staff wear multiple hats and may wish to be part of several listserv groups.
To join a listserv Group, please email Deanna D'Olier or Megan Polak with your name, title, institution and email address, and you will be added to the appropriate listserv database and sent an email confirmation.

Complete List of Listserv Groups:

Admission Directors
Advancement Officers
Business Officers
College Counselors
Personal Counselors
Curriculum Directors
Assistant Head of School at any HAIS Member School
Head of School at any HAIS Member School
Public Relations
Preschool Directors
Student Life
Summer School
Global Educators
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