Hawaii Association of Independent Schools

HAIS Events and Activities for 2017-2018

During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, HAIS has created and implemented a wide-range of programs, services, and intiatives aimed at addressing the primary functions of the association, which include: 
  1. Perpetuating school renewal through accreditation and/or licensing of its member schools
  2. Developing and delivering professional development opportunities relevant to 21st Century learning for the faculty and staff of its member schools
  3. Promoting choies as an important community values and assisting parents in learning about independent education 
  4. Creating public-private partnerships that support and enhance public education in Hawai'i
  5. Preserving independence by monitoring the federal, state, and county levels of government, thus allowing member schools to pursue their missions unencumbered by undue regulations 
Below you will find a full list of HAIS events and activities for the  2017-2018 fiscal year:





Private School Leadership Med Program

Other Notable Activities

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