Hawaii Association of Independent Schools


Independent schools accredited by the Hawai’i Association of Independent Schools (HAIS) are expected to operate in the public interest and in accordance with HAIS Standards for Membership.

HAIS occasionally receives requests to investigate member schools’ alleged violations of HAIS Accreditation Standards. HAIS's response to such requests depends on the nature of the charges and the evidence offered. Only substantially supported allegations of practices that could seriously impair the quality and effectiveness of a school’s program, and are in conflict with the standards of the Association, can be considered by HAIS, and then only as a basis for further inquiry. HAIS will not intervene on behalf of individuals.

If the alleged circumstances do appear to be of the nature above described, HAIS may conduct a confidential inquiry with the knowledge of and in conference with those concerned. Findings will be reported to the HAIS Board of Directors for its consideration. Should HAIS deliberations lead to a recommendation for a change of the school’s status with the Association, the school has available the appeals procedure established and published by the Association.

Reviewing Complaints

  1. A complaint describing the allegations against an HAIS accredited school must be written, signed, dated, and received at the HAIS office address.
  2. A complaint received by the HAIS office will be acknowledged in writing and initially reviewed by the Executive Director of the Association.
  3. If the Director finds the complaint to be outside of the scope of the policies of the Association, the complainant will be so informed in writing. This decision may be appealed, in writing, directly to the Board of Directors.
  4. If the complaint appears to be within the scope of the policies of HAIS, a copy of the complaint will be forwarded to the chief administrative officer of the school who will be asked to respond to the complaint.
  5. The Executive Director of HAIS will review the response from the school with the HAIS President, and they will decide that a) the matter be closed, or b) the complaint should be referred to the HAIS Standards Committee for consideration.
  6. After appropriate steps are taken, a report will be submitted to the full HAIS Board at a regular meeting or the HAIS President may call a special meeting. The complainant will be informed in writing about steps and/or action taken by the HAIS Board.
  7. At any step in the process, the complaint may be referred to the HAIS legal counsel.
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