HAIS Student Recognition Awards - HAIS Vision Award

Application Form:
HAIS Vision Award Application Form

The purpose of this award is to:

HAIS Vision Award:

HAIS Vision: To support member schools, and other organizations, in preparing all students for the challenges of life and social responsibility.

The winning student must demonstrate how he or she has furthered the HAIS vision by:  preparing himself, herself, and/or others for the challenges of life and social responsibility.

Winners must meet the following criteria:

Diversity:  The winner celebrates the gifts of each person and creates spaces where all people are respected and honored; leads others through intentional activities that create and celebrate diversity; and is willing to explore and make themselves vulnerable in order to challenge accepted societal norms.

Social Justice: The winner cares about justice for humans and all living things; is conscious of the far reaching effects of their actions; and works for justice at the local and/or global level through direct service and social change, such as political action, community organizing, or advocacy.

Leadership:  The winner makes exceptional contributions to the community through leadership; helps those they lead create a vision and move through change based on group values; leads within the framework of the school and other communities; and makes positive contributions through intentional planning and effort.

Care:  The winner demonstrates genuine care for others in their attitude, interaction, and involvement; acts with care toward others, and demonstrates self care.

Integrity: The winner demonstrates a commitment to fostering citizenship, integrity, and ethical behavior. Recipients must be involved in activities that promote integrity through social justice, peace, religious, racial, and/or cultural harmony, have the ability to inspire and lead others to distill their values, actively display principles and ideals translating into actions, and are committed to the ethical dimensions as related to the core values fostered at the school.

Award Information:

When: Each award can be presented annually to one student.

Application Process:

Cost: An initial charge of $75 (per award), which includes: engraved plaque with blank name plates for the school; certificate for the winners; personal letter; winners published in HAIS communications.

Please contact Robert Landau for more information.

2016 HAIS Vision Award Winners  

HAIS would like to congratulate the following students on receiving the 1st Annual HAIS Vision Award: 

Marc Delucchi (Island Pacific Academy) 
Marc, in class, is the first to shed light on injustice in history or literature. Out of the classroom, when students have struggled with difficult content, he leads study sessions, making them interactive and fun. And when the Intermediate Boys basketball team needed a coach, he helped teach the middle school boys valuable lessons in dedication and teamwork. 
Jordan Klein (Trinity Christian School)
Jordan at school, at home, and in the community is a role model living an active, balanced lifestyle. He serves as a Student Leader at school, is a member of the National Honor Society, plays soccer and volleyball, competes in Speech and Debate, leads the school worship team, volunteers with HEARTS, and assists at his church.  
Jonah Gilliland "Ku'i" (Mid-Pacific Institute) 
Ku'i is a part of an ongoing (multiyear) project to develop a 3D printable prosthesis, which will be fully functional and responsive to brain commands. Because it is 3D printed, the prosthesis will be affordable and available for those in need. Ku'i pursues this project with passion and is committed to making it a reality.
Elizabeth James (Maui Preparatory Academy) 
Elizabeth is well-respected by younger students, her peers and the Maui Preparatory faculty. Aside from the usual positive examples she sets in class and in the pool, Elizabeth really sets herself apart through her leadership of the Rotary Interact Club of which she is the President. Two highly successful service projects that stand out, thanks to Elizabeth's leadership, are raising funds and goods for an orphanage in Oaxaca, Mexico and acquisition of financial and human resource support in making and serving food at a local homeless shelter.  
Jasmine Kim (Saint Francis School) 
Jasmine Kim, an honors student, is involved in nearly all school activities. She volunteers on the school's recruitment team; participates in student government; plays in the school band; plays piano for school liturgies; and is one of the school videographers, documenting school life. Additionally, she plays piano for her church and is involved in the children's day care. She demonstrates care and compassion in dealing with her peers and others. Her leadership is demonstrated by her involvement in her school activities. She respects and honors peers and adults alike, accepting diversity with grace. She actively displays principles and ideals that translate integrity to action.
Jasmine Chow (Maryknoll School) 
Jasmine Chow is an active member of the National Honor Society as well as the Key Club and has spear headed various events that support her fellow students along with others in the community. Jasmine displayed leadership through the planning and organization of the Winter Ball Blitz, in 2015, and helped with Prom 2015 and served as co-prom chair for Prom 2016. Jasmine demonstrated leadership and service when she planned and organized the canned food drive for Catholic Schools Week, collecting over 400 cans. Jasmine consistently participates in various school and community service projects, through the National Honor Society.

All 6 of these students have demonstrated how they have exemplified the HAIS Vision by: preparing themselves and others for the challenges of life and social responsibility. Marc, Jordan, Ku'i, Elizabeth, Jasmine K. and Jasmine C. are leaders not only in school, also in the larger community. Mahalo for all of your hard work Marc, Jordan, Ku'i, Elizabeth, Jasmine K. and Jasmine C.! We can't wait to see your accomplishments in the future! 

(Pictured: Marc Delucchi and Robert Landau)


(Pictured: Jasmine Kim and Robert Landau) 


(Pictured: Jasmine Chow and Robert Landau) 




(Pictured: Ku'i Gilliland and Robert Landau)