Welcome to the wonderful world of HAIS.

For over 25 years our association has provided a cutting-edge accreditation process; licensed independent schools; organized relevant professional development; and advocated for independent school education.

Hawai`i enjoys an excellent reputation world-wide for its independent schools. HAIS member schools offer students a rich selection of options, serving students from a variety of backgrounds, academic needs and cultures. Additionally, almost all of our schools offer tuition assistance. 

This is an exciting time for schools, as they realize that unique challenges and opportunities abound as they prepare students for their futures. Our vision statement asks us "to support member schools, and other organizations, in preparing students for the challenges of life and social responsibility." We believe you will find, through our events and programs, that HAIS is ready and willing to serve as a trusted colleague and friend to our member school communities. We also offer ways for supporting organizations, groups, and companies to join us in our efforts to enhance the goods and services we provide our members.

Our staff and supportive Board firmly believe that Hawai`i is well placed, both geographically and culturally, to examine ways to extend our reach both nationally and internationally in the years to come. Please join us on this exciting journey.


Robert Landau
Executive Director,
Hawai`i Association of Independent Schools (HAIS)