Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence

 RULER Professional Development 

A Social and Emotional Learning Professional Development Opportunity 


Deadline to Register for the RULER Trainig is October 20th! 

This professional development opportunity is provided in partnership with The Hawai’i Community Foundation (HCF), and the Hawai’i Association of Independent Schools (HAIS) with the support from the Omidyar ‘Ohana Fund and the Koaniani Fund at HCF, and Kamehameha Schools.

In partnership with the Hawai'i Community Foundation, we are pleased to announce that RULER training will be offered in Hawai'i! Marc Brackett, 2016 Schools of the Future Keynote Speaker, will be leading the training along with his team from the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence.  Scholarship Funding is available to HAIS Full Member Schools, as well as to Hawai'i-based public and charter schools, and will be considered on a needs-based, first-come basis. Schools may also apply for travel scholarships, made availble by HCF. (Information will be posted soon on the Funding Application Process).

The RULER approach is an outgrowth of decades of research on emotional intelligence conducted by Yale University’s Centre for Emotional Intelligence, demonstrating that emotional skills are integral to learning, making sound judgements, maintaining physical and mental health, and achieving success in school and beyond. RULER’s sustainable evidence-based approach helps schools to develop emotional literacy in students and all of the stakeholders involved in their education, including school leaders, teachers, support staff, and family members.


Deadline to Register is October 20th

RULER Registration

Learn about what's included in the RULER Program and Training fee

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RULER Phase 1: RULER Program Information

Training Dates: December 6 & 7, 2017
Time: 8:00am - 3:30pm (lunch will be provided) 
Location: St. Andrew's Schools
Cost: $6,000 (needs-based grant funding is available)
Number of participants per school: 3 (additional participants may be added at $1,500 per person)


Detailed Timeline: 

October 20: Registration Deadline for RULER Training
October 30: Deposits due to HAIS. Travel grants to be mailed to recipients.
November 13: Final payments due to HAIS.

Ruler Information Session that was held at St. Andrew's Schools on September 7, 2017: 

This video was made possible by: Hawai'i Community Foundation 

Information About the Yale RULER Professional Development 

HAIS and Pillars of Peace will be hosting RULER training for private, public, and charter schools on December 6 & 7, 2017. The “train the trainer” educator and student program provides educators with the emotional skills they need to become more effective in the classroom. The hands-on activities and tools help educators learn how to harness the wisdom of emotions to decrease stress, manage classrooms effectively, enhance learning, decision-making, and relationships, and improve academic performance. The program involves a process where educators hone their own RULER skills and learn how to use the RULER Anchor Tools to create a caring and supportive environment for emotional literacy building. The RULER Anchor Tools include:

As a first step to implementing The RULER Approach, students and their teachers, school leaders and their staff, and families develop Charters - a joint mission statement for the learning and working environment they pledge to maintain. The focus is on how each stakeholder wants to feel.

The Mood Meter helps individuals to identify their feelings accurately. Rooted in decades of research, it involves the use of multiple senses to build emotional awareness. Basic activities develop skills in recognizing and labeling feelings: advanced activities develop skills in understanding, expressing, and regulating emotions.

Emotions are adaptive when the information they provide is attended to, interpreted, understood and managed effectively. Meta-Moments is a process that children and adults learn to help them expand the “space in time” between an emotional trigger and a response. Strategies are developed to improve everyone’s reflective practices and problem solving skills so they can respond effectively to life’s many emotional experiences.

The Blueprint was designed to help students, teachers, school leaders and family members problem-solve about past conflicts and disagreements, challenging real-time interactions and upcoming difficulties effectively. Students and adults work with each other and independently to actively consider each other’s feelings and perspectives to identify healthy solutions.

RULER school-based trainers roll out the program in a variety of ways - RULER school-based trainers work with RULER implementation coaches to decide how best to roll out the RULER approach to their faculty, staff, students, and families at their respective schools. While there are standards and well­ defined stages, there is also a great deal of variability and flexibility in how schools use RULER to create emotionally intelligent schools.

This Program includes:


For more information, please contact Deanna D'Olier