HAIS Premier Institute: Designing Authentic STEM Experiences and Assessments

Recommended for / Open to: Math and Science teachers grades 6-12


Instructor: Dr. Mark Hines

Date: July 13

Time: 12pm - 4:30 pm

After Hour Discussion: 4:45-7pm, at Growlers (optional)

Location: Mid-Pacific Institute - room TBD

Cost: $75 for HAIS Member Schools and $85 for Non-HAIS Member Schools - Includes: Light Lunch

Questions: For course content questions please Contact Dr. Mark Hines  mhines@midpac.edu
For all other questions please contact Megan Polak: mpolak@hais.us 


Workshop Information 

“We only think when we are confronted with problems.” - John Dewey

How do we bring real world problems into our students’ experiences to engage their minds and expand our curriculum? What fun and crazy idea do you want to develop to bring your classroom to life?

The Common Core, National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards and Next Generation Science Standards open the possibility for new ways of redesigning Math and Science learning to be more authentic and allowing for a wider range of activities and experiences. This opens up math and science understanding to a wider range of learners.  In this  workshop, participants will explore an adapted instructional design model for projects that allows teachers to unpack the standards for their classroom and design a powerful and effective experience that both maps to standards and allows students to experience learning as real mathematicians and scientists.

Participants will start by looking at examples of teacher and student work, assess the quality of learning demonstrated, which will then serve as a starting point for their own project design.

Next, we will explore a template for project design that uses essential questions and backwards design principles to establish an instructional design framework for building  lessons. The majority of our time will be spent designing, giving each other feedback and prototyping the student work and guiding documents for implementation in our classrooms.

Optional: For those who want to continue the discussion, we will head to Growlers for post-workshop drinks, pupus and conversation.

About the instructor: Dr. Mark Hines is a math, science and technology teacher and learner for 35 years and has spent the past 7 years designing and implementing integrated STEM and Humanities projects in the Mid-Pacific Institute Program “Mid-Pacific eXploratory (MPX)”. He presents locally and nationally on project design with a focus on Math, Science and Technology projects.

Dr. Mark Hines pictured receiving the HAIS Educator of the Future Award
(Dr. Paul Turnbull, Dr. Mark Hines, and Deanna D'Olier) 
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