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NEW!! Education Cheat Sheet: Navigating the Preschool Program Maze
Released: October 16, 2017 
Editor’s Note: My daughter’s first day of preschool was an emotional day for me. I cried watching her walk away, barely pausing to wave at me over her shoulder before she dove into blocks, books and play time. I was also immensely relieved. My search for a preschool was over. Searching for the right school for your child is difficult, but looking for a preschool for your baby can be even more stressful. While you wonder if your little one will be safe, be happy and thrive, it is easy get buried under research, unfamiliar educational terms and information. What is Reggio Emilia? What is Waldorf? What does it mean, to educate the “whole child”? Chaminade University’s director of early childhood and Montessori programs and assistant professor of Education, Elizabeth Park, Ph.D., helps us navigate the programming maze.



Your Guide to Hawai'i Education: Lost in education terminology? HONOLULU Family and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools wants to help. 

Past Blog Posts: 
Preparing for College, Beyond the SATs
Released: September 18, 2017 

Editor’s Note: When I was applying to college, my friends and I followed a formula: 4.0 grade point average, or as close as we could get, three to five extracurricular activities chosen to demonstrate a range of interests, and a personal essay calculated to highlight all of the above. We were all sure we could present the correct profile, the right answers to gain entry. Today, colleges and universities are looking for more than kids who look great on paper. Damien Memorial School president and CEO Wes Reber Porter takes a closer look.

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