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Your Guide to Hawai'i Education: Lost in education terminology? HONOLULU Family and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools wants to help. 
Education Cheat Sheet: Individualized Learning
Released: May 15, 2017
"Editor’s Note: I’ve been out of school for decades but I can still name every subject that ever made me cry in less than five minutes. Those courses that you found almost impossible to figure out haunt you forever. (Do you hear me AP calculus?) In every single one of those classes, I had a select group of friends and classmates who whipped through the exercises, nodded sagely during lectures and could apply lessons to other problems without even pausing. Even with their help, those of us who were behind often felt there was no way we would ever “get it.” Today, educators are tackling that challenge not by trying to make students fit their lesson plans, but by creating more ways for kids to find their own solutions. Ryan Masa of Assets School takes a closer look"
Education Cheat Sheet: Workplace Learning
Released: April 17, 2017
Education Cheat Sheet: The Question of Homework
Released: March 20, 2017 
Education Cheat Sheet: Project-Based Learning 
Released: February 21, 2017
Education Cheat Sheet: STEM vs. STEAM 
Released: January 30, 2017