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NEW! Education Cheat Sheet: Battling Boredom
Released: July 17, 2017

Editor’s Note: The “B” word first crept into Cassera’s vocabulary in the first grade. One day, while I was cooking dinner, she walked up, wearing her serious-frown face and said the two words I wasn’t expecting for a few more years. “I’m bored.”

The girl who made up elaborate stories with her uniquely named stash of tsum tsum friends, who was surrounded by Play-Doh sets, craft kits, a swing set and slide in the backyard and a whole cache of her toddler sister’s toys that she found fascinating, had nothing to do. My in-the-moment reaction was to list all of these items, then tell her “Find something to do!” So often, as parents, we try to find the solution. But educators say sometimes, it’s best to do nothing at all. Joy Rippenger from Hongwanji Mission School dives in a bit deeper.


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