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Your Guide to Hawai'i Education: Lost in education terminology? HONOLULU Family and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools wants to help. 
Education Cheat Sheet: Project-Based Learning 
Released: February 21, 2017
"Editor’s Note: When I was in school, learning was largely about the destination. Could I get the correct answer by traveling the correct path? For our kids, the journey has become an essential part of the process. As a parent, trying to understand the different styles of learning has been a challenge that has sent me to the internet multiple times. And I still wasn’t quite sure I understood the concepts I researched. The Hawaii Association of Independent Schools will act as our translator. We start by tackling the idea of Project-Based Learning. Nathaniel Evslin from Island School explains."
Education Cheat Sheet: STEM vs. STEAM 
Released: January 30, 2017 
"Editor’s Note: For more than a decade, STEM education has been a big buzzword in classrooms. It wasn’t something we ever encountered when we were kids, but suddenly it seemed every child was learning elements of robotics, scientific theories and engineering problem-solving. Then, just as we were getting used to STEM, STEAM appeared. Now we were not just talking about science, technology, engineering and math, the curriculum now included art. But many parents I talked with wondered “Why art? Doesn’t this just take us back to the traditional subjects we had in school back in the day?” Not necessarily. Megan Meyer of La Pietra—Hawaii School for Girls explains."