Below is a list of resources that have been compiled by Hawai'i GIN educators, GIN steering community, and HAIS Staff.

If you have any additional suggestions please contact Megan Polak.

Biotechnology Rules 


Legal Resource:

NASDAQ: Article: What is Biotechnology 

Biotechnology Institute Article: Promoting the growth of Biotechnology  

UN Video:


Education for All 


NY Times Article: In Hawai'i Public Schools Feel a Long Way From Paradise 

Hawai'i Business Article: Changing the School System to Put Our Children First 

Let Girls Learn Website 


Illegal Drugs 


Center on Addiction Article: Commonly Used Illegal Drugs 

White House References:

Friends of Narconon Article: Drug Distribution in the United States Article:


Infectious Diseases 


Hawai'i.Gov Article : Dengue Fever (& Zika) - Causes & Prevention 

CDC Article: Zika Prevention 

Drug resistant tuberculosis in Hawai'i:

Status of Tuberculosis 

Data and Statistics

Star Bulletin Article 

Hawai' Medicine Article

Article: Importance of Vaccines and How They Are Helping Africa

Hawaii Aids Website:


Peacekeeping & Conflict Prevention


UN Peacekeeping:

Middle East:

Peacekeeping Article: Hawaii men supporting a peacekeeping training event (military)


Poverty & Homelessness 


Causes of Poverty:


Hawai'i 2014 Report:


Solution to homelessness, housing problems:

HUD Services

Star Advertiser Article: Hawai'i officials pursue affordable housing solutions 

Governor's Plan for affordable housing and homelessness 

Hawai'i Business Article: Yes, We Can Solve Hawai'i's Housing Crisis 

Importance of Nutrition for Children:

Possible Legislation That Could Help:

Family Promise Website 


Water Deficit 


Oahu Water Management Plan Update (Barry Usagawa, P.E., Water …)

Senate Committee on Water, Land, and Agriculture

House Committee on Water and Land

Water issues on Maui:


Renewable Energy 

Opterra Website 

Environmental Issues

Sierra Club Website 

Human Rights and Trafficking 

Pacific Gateway Website 

Other Resources:

World Wise Schools (WWS) 

The Peace Corps Global Connections Pilot program allows Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) to connect directly with interested classrooms based on their needs and interests. To participate, educators submit a request to connect with one or more Volunteers for a specific activity – such as a pen pal or blog exchangewebchat, or video exchange. WWS posts it to our platform where Volunteers can browse and respond to requests they are able to fulfill. 

  • The Correspondence Match program connects educators directly with currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers. Educators enroll and WWS sends the name and contact information of a Volunteer.
  • The Speakers Match program brings Returned Peace Corps Volunteers speakers – representing over 140 countries of service – directly to classrooms to talk about a variety of global and career related topics. Educators submit a request, and are provided a list of speakers in their area and the name of a local recruiter as a resource. WWS recommends submitting the request at least a month in advance to give ample time to find a speaker and plan for the event.
  • The Educator page provides hundreds of global education resources, including literaturelesson plans, and recipes
  • WWS offers events and special programming targeted at both learners and their educators. Check our calendar of events and activity pages for our current offerings.


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